About Anne Young

  • Hello, my name is Anne and I am the creator, owner and operator of Young Ceremonies. My role as an Authorised Civil Celebrant is to style and deliver an amazing ceremony – be it one of joy, love or loss. I am dedicated to deliver an exceptional event that is written and delivered especially designed and geared for you. No two ceremonies are ever the same (templates are not my genre).

    Having an integral involvement co-ordinating your wedding ceremony, renewal of vows, baby naming, a funeral or memorial service or divorce/breaking away ceremony is a high indicator of trust from my previous clients. Past clients have been assured and completely comfortable with my style of planning, directing and delivering their very own personalised ceremony which has been such a delight, honour and privilege. Whatever the occasion, know that it is everything about you and your special day. My skillset is to listen as well as understand what you value, I respect and honour your wishes and understand your expectations so that you have complete confidence knowing what I, as your Celebrant will be rolling out – no surprises – you sign off the final document and will be delivered as signed.

    Keen, dedicated and focused as well as passionate in being an advocate for people and their stories, my own life journey has given me the insight to be “in tune” with others’ life journeys. As the conversation evolves, I will endeavour that you are informed via text/phone/email to deliver an amazing event.

    Having routinely been given feedback of my ability to ensure that clients and people in general easily feel comfortable as well as gaining their confidence without intrusion has been an attribute that comes easily as I ensure a professional rapport with others. I encourage people to open up as they share their ideas as well as their own wish list for what they are hoping to achieve for their event. What is discussed at our connecting get together is not divulged without your expressed permission. Occasionally underlying issues arise that may create angst within the family dynamics whether it’s a wedding, funeral or another managed event. My with-where-all enables me to guide people through these challenges to rectify any concerns. Perusing past reviews from both new and returning clients is such an accolade. All feedback is encouraged to ensure ongoing improvement of delivery for future events.