New Beginnings

It’s always a tough time when breaking up, divorcing, adapting, and adjusting from what your life has been. Most people struggle with the “amputation” of a partner, whether they instigated the separation/divorce or were unprepared for this change. More so, the longer the partnership had been. It is often one of the most painful adjustments that life can throw you. Sometimes, this type of grief may not fade for many years.

Society celebrates births, birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. There is a new trend developing: divorce ceremonies for closure and new beginnings. It can be difficult to welcome the “new” while acknowledging what “was”. It has been recognised that “vowing” to accept the past and move on can be healing, especially for children who may feel confused and torn.

Involving those loyal supporters who have been there for you, a New Beginnings ceremony is a “healthy” and healing way of acknowledging and welcoming your new life.

Anne encourages these “starting afresh” ceremonies so people can get on with their (new) life, regardless of whether they planned it that way.

Loss comes in many forms. Floods, fire, destruction of your life or home as it was. Make a fresh start and cut the ribbon for a new beginning, new adventures, and new dreams.

A personalised, relevant ceremony can be very liberating and healing. Rejuvenate your life into a whole new world.