Meet Anne

Hello and welcome to Young Ceremonies.

My name is Anne Young and I am the creator, owner, and operator of Young Ceremonies. My role as an End of Life Celebrant is to style and deliver an amazing ceremony – be it one of loss, remembrance, or new beginnings. I am dedicated to delivering an exceptional ceremony that is written and delivered, designed and geared especially for you. No two ceremonies are ever the same.

Since being a celebrant, families have entrusted me to coordinate different ceremonies for themselves and other family members. Including renewal of vows, baby naming, funerals, or divorce/breaking away ceremonies. This shows a high level of trust from my previous clients. Past clients have felt assured and completely comfortable with my style of planning, directing, and delivering their very own personalised ceremony, which I regard as a delight, honour, and privilege. Whatever the occasion, know that it is everything about you and your special day.

My skill set is to listen as well as understand what you value. I respect and honour your wishes and understand your expectations so that you have complete confidence in knowing what I will present. There will be no surprises! You sign off the final document and it will be presented exactly as agreed.

Keen, dedicated, and focused, as well as passionate about being an advocate for people and their stories, my own life journey has given me the insight to be “in tune” with others.

As the conversation develops, I will make sure that I inform you of all aspects via text/phone/email to ensure an amazing outcome.

My ability to ensure that clients and others feel comfortable allows me to gain their confidence without intruding. I easily establish a professional rapport. I encourage people to share their ideas openly, and especially their own wish list for what they are hoping to achieve. Whatever is discussed at our meetings is never divulged without your express permission.

Sometimes uncomfortable issues may arise within the family dynamics. My experience equips me to guide people through these challenges and rectify any concerns.

I encouraged all feedback to ensure ongoing improvement of delivery for future events.